King Of Sparrows

“There’s a saying in these streets,” said the landlord. “It asks what a man can say about Black Luci that the dead don’t say themselves, and it’s a tricky one, because the answer is nothing.”

In the ancient city of Lilenthis, the slums are ruled by a strict class of thug. Dakka bel is one at the bottom and life for him is about finding a way out.

On a night pickpocketing the rich, he happens upon a strange performer by the name of Braska. A man who claims to to hear whispers in the walls, read the hearts of men and have the soul of a Djinni.
Stuck by this enigmatic individual, Dakka frees him from his prison and before long finds himself on the receiving end of a favour. Believing that Braska will aid him in his struggle to break away from the slums, Dakka starts upon a mission to uproot the local gangs and seed a revolution.


This piece doesn’t look at the wider scope of worldly struggle, but of those of the individual. Braska’s machinations appear absurd and delusional. Is he really a spirit come to the aid of mortals? Or is he merely human and erects a fictitious charade to conceal an internal despair?

Dakka meanwhile swings on his own moral compass. Driven by fear and a fierce determination, he is desperate to rid himself of the shadow over his head. Yet in spite of this, he cannot ignore the injustice around him, nor those that suffer under his heel, the more he climbs. Crippled by self-doubt and disillusionment, he turns to Braska and amidst the turmoil, an unlikely friendship begins.


You can find a rough draft of the first chapter here: Chapter 1


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