The length and breadth of Skyrim

I created this blog to act as a diary for writing, but I’ll be damned if it hasn’t become more than that.  For anyone who knows me at all, even just a little bit, will know that I love video gaming and RPGs in particular. Second only to that love, is the (really quite addictive) desire to mod out one of my favourite RPGs: Skyrim.

In short, I present a series of scenic screenshots taken in and around the various regions of Skyrim and my mage-character’s journey.  I’ll probably add some more at some point.

(click to enlarge)


From the blustery cold top of Dawnstar…


…to the foggy marshes of Morthal…


…to the warm planes of Whiterun…


…and the ancient beauty of Markath.


A visit to an Orcish stronghold.


And rest by a warm fire.


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