Yep, 61909.

So this weekend has been a total wash.

There are a couple reasons for this, the least important being my switch from OpenOffice Writer to Microsoft word. Why is that? Well, because I lost about 2000 words in the exchange. You see, OpenOffice doesn’t count words like a normal word processor – no, it also counts every piece of grammar; every comma, every ellipsis, every full stop and I got sick of it. All I can add is, if you are using Openoffice, especially for a document that requires a specific count, be very, very careful.

Not that it matters, I haven’t exactly been gunning to write this weekend. I’m not sure how many others feel the same, but honestly, I don’t always enjoy writing. I find it very difficult to stare at the same page day in, day out and remember all the little details between each and every character, their actions and their motivations.

Or basically, to quote Dorothy Parker:

I hate writing, I love having written.



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